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Lactose-Free Yoğurt 750gr

Lactose-Free Yoğurt 750gr

İçim Rahat lactose-free yoghurt with special formula allows you to digest easily.

Lactose is a natural sugar found in milk and requires the enzyme lactase to break down. Inadequacy of the enzyme lactase in the body prevents the breakdown of sugar and digestive complaints occur.

İçim Rahat lactose-free yoghurt is not swollen and can be consumed easily.  As the taste is the same as the natural yoghurt taste, you can easily consume it in daily life.

Lactose-Free Yoğurt 750gr Lactose-Free Yoğurt 750gr
Energy and Nutrition Facts for 100 g
Energy: 207 kJ / 49 kcal 
Fat: 1,5 g
Saturated Weight: 1 g
Carbohydrate: 4,7 g
Protein: 4,2 g
Salt: 0 g
Calcium: 155 mg


750 gr

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