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İçim Rahat
İçim Rahat
İçim Rahat

İçim Rahat

Feel Light All Day Long with İçim Rahat Lactose-Free Milk for Easy Digestion

İçim Rahat with its easy digestion, provides a light day for those who like to drink milk, but are disturbed by digestive complaints afterwards. İçim Rahat can easily be consumed by those who want to take advantage of all the benefits of milk and eat light without feeling bloated.

In addition to the complaints that are caused by the lactose intolerance; İçim Rahat, which includes the same amount of protein, calcium and vitamins as other plain milk, is also preferred by those who don’t want to feel bloated during their diet, care about light and healthy nutrition and by pregnant and nursing mothers.

İçim Rahat also stands out with freshness, flavor and high nutritional values; presented in 200ml, half and one liter UHT packs.

Why are I comfortable?

When the lactase enzyme, which is sufficient in the intestines, cannot be synthesized, lactose tails cannot be broken or absorbed. Lactose is divided into smaller particles that can pass into the blood, and this affects the liquid-mineral balance. Excessive fluid-mineral accumulation increases in the intestine and diarrhea increases. Therefore, it undergoes fermentation with bacteria and emits hydrogen gas. An excessive amount of hydrogen increases both diarrhea and gas and bloating leads to eyes on the other digestive tract. This phenomenon, such as Lactose Intolerance, Lactose Malabsorption or Lactase Deficiency, is in the medical language.

Lactose intolerance in the world is more than tolerance.

100% of the rate of change by regions in the Far East countries, 73% in South America, 39% in Italy, 37% in France, 73% in many African countries, is seen as 37% in Turkey. (*)

Non-lactose-free milk, milk lactose with the natural lactase enzyme in the packaging phase. As a result of this, lactose-free milk provides a comfortable day by reducing the swelling and gas complaints seen in people who have difficulty digesting lactose.

İçim Rahat, which is the same with other plain milk in terms of protein, calcium and vitamins it contains, as well as complaints about lactose endurance; those who do not want to feel bloated during their diet, those who care about a light and healthy diet, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers can be preferred. In order not to give up your milk pleasure and to take advantage of all the benefits of milk, you can drink cozy lactose-free milk. (*)

What You Wonder About Milk

Do you know these?

Production Process

Lactase Enzyme Lactose Degradation (Hydrolysis)

Separation of lactose into glucose and galactose; In animals, plants and microorganisms beta-galactosidase ie lactase enzymes are performed with. Only enzymes derived from microorganisms are used in industry. Enzymatic hydrolysis due to the fact that the end products obtained without any pretreatment remain intact and there is no loss in nutrient content; The hydrolase enzyme is more technically appropriate to cleave a molecule in its structure by removal of water. Due to the high enzyme prices, the cost of lactose-free products in the market is higher than the others. (*)


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