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Turkey's Leading Dairy Company Ak Gıda Processes Turkey's Highest Quality Milk

Turkey's Leading Dairy Company Ak Gıda Processes Turkey's Highest Quality Milk

Established in 1996, Ak Gıda is the largest milk and dairy products company in Turkey with 5 factories and 5 thousand tons of milk processing capacity.

Our journey begins with UHT milk, yogurt, white and cheddar cheese productions and today continues with a variety of 324 products from filtered cheese to crusted yogurt, dessert to kefir.

In our 5 production facilities located in different regions of Turkey, including Sakarya (Pamukova), Karaman, Lüleburgaz, Kahramanmaraş and Aydın, we process the milk collected from all over Turkey and deliver to our consumers in a natural and delicious way.

In the dairy sector as Ak Gıda company, we are processing the 12% of the milk of the total industry. We supply milk, the main ingredient of our products, from 451 farms throughout Turkey. In this context, we are the company that collects milk from the largest geography in Turkey. Every drop of milk we collect is passed and confirmed 16 different tests at 3 different quality points before getting in our factories. These milks coming from 45 countries are gathered from 40.000 producers 170.000 cows making up the quality of our Ak Gıda products.

Our product range consists of; pasteurized milk, UHT and bottle milk, yoghurt varieties, ayran, kefir, cream, labneh, fresh feta cheese, cream cheese, feta cheese, kashkaval cheese, butter, kajmak, pudding, milk desserts, milk powder and ketchup-mayonnaise.

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