Kajmak is a dairy product obtained by concentrating the fat of milk. It is a thick and fatty essence obtained by gently heating the milk or leaving it at a certain cool temperature. It is also very rich in protein and calcium.

İçim Kajmak completes your breakfast tables with its unique taste, unparalleled consistency, and natural content, and adds flavor to your desserts. Made from Turkey’s finest milks, İçim Kajmak does not contain any colorants or preservatives.

It is particularly consumed during breakfast on bread with jams, and is perfect for enhancing the taste of delicious desserts.


İçim Kajmak is inviting itself to your tables in its most natural form! A significant source of nutrition derived from milk, İçim Kajmak has been an indispensable part of traditional Turkish kitchens for many years, particularly favored in morning breakfasts. When consumed with honey, hazelnut spread, molasses, and jam, it enhances its taste. İçim produces and packages these milks collected from different regions under hygienic and healthy conditions without any human contact. İçim Clotted Cream does not contain any additives like colorants, preservatives, or thickeners.

What is Kajmak?

The layer that forms on the top of milk after it reaches boiling point is called the cream of the milk. In İçim’s modern facilities, after boiling the milk, it is cooled down to 25-30 degrees and then pasteurized. It is then filled into suitable containers, further cooled to 4-6 degrees, and left to rest for 12 hours before being offered to consumers. Clotted Kajmak contains at least 60% milk fat. İçim Kajmak has a shelf life of 21 days when stored in a refrigerator. Once opened, İçim Kajmak should be stored in its own package, sealed, and preferably consumed within 2-3 days.

What are the Benefits of Kajmak?

Kajmak, a traditional dairy product, is not only loved for its taste but also stands out for its rich nutritional value.

İçim Kajmak is the crown jewel of tables with its unique taste, natural content, and unmatched consistency. Offering amazing flavors with all syrupy desserts, Kajmak is also delightfully consumed with quince, peach, and other sweets. You can enjoy the 100% natural İçim Kajmak with your loved ones with peace of mind, as it adds flavor to many foods.

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