İçim contributes to consumers living a healthy life with its delicious and nutritious milk varieties.

Here are İçim milk products, their types and benefits:

Pasteurized Milk

İçim pasteurized milk attracts attention with its natural content and high nutritional value. Fresh and delicious İçim daily milk adds freshness and health to your tables.

Lactose-Free Milk:

Ideal for people with lactose intolerance, İçim Rahat lactose-free milk facilitates digestion and with its taste, it provides easy digestion and lightness throughout the day.

Light Milk:

İçim Light Milk is a light and delicious option for those who want to support a healthy lifestyle with its low fat and calorie content. İçim Light Milk helps control weight.

Grow Up Milk:

İçim Grow Up Milk, which is important for the growth and development of children, supports growth with 13 vitamins and 13 minerals in its content. İçim Grow Up Milk, which contributes to the healthy nutrition of children, meets 60% of the daily needs with the vitamin D it contains.

Chocolate Milk:

For a sweet break, İçim İçimino Chocolate milk should be preferred. Nutritious and delicious, chocolate milk is a drink enjoyed by children and adults.

Fruit Milk:

İçim fruit milk is enriched with natural fruit flavors with its refreshing and satisfying properties. Fruity Milk products can be preferred as a refreshing drink.

İçim Fit Protein Milk:

İçim Fit protein milk is very important for athletes and those who care about muscle development. One bottle (500ml) of İçim Fit Milk meets 60% of the daily protein needs. İçim Fit protein milk helps increase muscle mass with its high protein content. İçim Fit has no added sugar and is made from skim milk.

Organic Milk:

We get our milk for İçim organic products from our contracted farm, which follows the Ministry Regulation on Organic Farming Principles and Practices.

İçim Vitamin D Milk:

A glass of İçim Vitamin D milk meets 75% of the daily vitamin D needs. Vitamin D contributes to the normal function of the immune system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the amount of protein in drinking milk?

İçim protein milk contains approximately 7.5 grams of protein in each 250 ml serving.

What is lactose-free milk? How is lactose-free milk produced?

Lactose-free milk is prepared by breaking down the lactose in milk using the natural lactase enzyme and separating it into simple sugars. In other words, no additives or added sugar are used in the production of lactose-free milk. The natural lactase enzyme added to it allows lactose to break down spontaneously and be digested more easily. Thus, when you drink lactose-free milk, your complaints such as bloating, nausea, stomach pain and gas due to lactose consumption will decrease or disappear completely.

From which source is the vitamin D in your milk obtained?

The vitamin D in İçim milk is obtained from natural sources, specifically from cholecalciferol.

What farming methods are used in your organic milk?

For İçim organic products, we get our milk for İçim organic products from our contracted farm, which follows the Ministry Regulation on Organic Farming Principles and Practices. In our farm, where animal welfare is taken into consideration, cows are fed with ecological and organic agricultural products.

Where can I get your milk?

You can find İçim dairy products in the dairy sections of the markets or on İçim’s official website icim.com.tr./en

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