Dolcia, The Flavor, The Lightness

Whenever you want to enjoy dessert at home, school or office, Dolcia is with you. Lightness and taste come together with its 75% fresh milk content. Dolcia, which everyone can consume with peace of mind, is a delicious alternative that will add joy to your sweet snack pleasure. Where is Dolcia, there is the taste!


Among milk desserts, pudding has a special place as it is both a nutritious dessert and delicious. With its 75% fresh milk content, İçim Dolcia Pudding offers delicious options for those who want to have a nutritious and light dessert break during the day.

What are İçim Dolcia Pudding Types?

İçim Dolcia Puddings are available in four different varieties: chocolate, banana, strawberry and chocolate hazelnut. The calorie amount of İçim Dolcia Puddings varies between 118 and 137 calories per 100 grams. İçimino puddings contain 113 calories in 100 ml. İçim (Dolcia) puddings are sold in packs of four, 60 gr and 100 gr. Chocolate pudding is also available in 500 gram packaging.

Chocolate puddings can be a good option for those who want to get their fill of chocolate. You can feel the comfort of consuming a light and delicious dessert while eating chocolate pudding. İçim Dolcia chocolate puddings are a nutritious snack with their rich content.

You can add a different flavor to the cakes you prepare with İçim Dolcia Puddings. While you can enjoy İçim Dolcia chocolate puddings with biscuits, strawberry and banana puddings can also be a good option for fruit cakes.

How Many Calories in Chocolate Pudding?

There are 120 calories in 100 grams of İçim Dolcia Chocolate Puddings.

İçimino Puddings for Kids

Dessert is the symbol of pleasant moments and happy sharing for children as well as adults. Rich in calcium, protein and vitamin D, İçimino puddings are a dessert alternative for children with chocolate, banana and strawberry alternatives.

It meets your sweet needs with its richness in fresh milk and the flavor added by different flavors such as chocolate, banana and strawberry. It makes your children happy and supports their healthy growth with its richness in calcium, vitamin D and protein.

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