İçim Fit High Protein Milk

A healthier diet is the key to a fitter life. Now, fat-free and lactose-free İçim Fit Milk is indispensable for a healthy diet with 30 g protein in one bottle. Do your body a favor and choose İçim Fit Milk for the amount of protein you need during and after sports, at breakfast, when you want to have a light lunch and for snacks.



What is Protein?

Protein is the building block of our muscle tissue. It makes up about 20% of the body by weight. Proteins provide muscle building and development, cell growth, bone development, formation and repair of body tissues. Proteins, which contain amino acids, are large molecules that are essential for the proper functioning of our body and all the cells in it. All the building blocks in our bodies – cells, tissues, organs – cannot exist without protein. There is significant protein in the muscles, skin, skeletal system and many other parts of the body. In this sense, protein is the most abundant and most important component of our body after water.

What are the Sources of Protein?

Protein is mostly found in animal foods such as milk and dairy products, eggs, meat, chicken and fish. Legumes and nuts also contain protein.

How Much Protein Do We Need Daily?

The amount of protein people need depends on parameters such as age group, body size and growth status. But for healthy adolescent men and women, the daily required amount has been calculated at 0.8 grams per kg. In other words, depending on body weight, the average person needs between 40-65 g of protein per day.

What are the Features of İçim Fit Milk?

İçim Fit Milk is high protein skim milk. Containing 30 grams of high protein in a 500 ml bottle, fat-free İçim Fit Milk offers an ideal alternative for consumption during sports and snacks. With its special formula, İçim Fit with high protein helps to meet the body’s protein needs, burn excess fat and thus achieve a fitter appearance.

With no added sugar and only 50 calories per 100 ml, low-calorie İçim Fit is also a good option for dieters with its skim milk content. Available in three different varieties, İçim Fit has 0.5% fat in the chocolate option and only 0.2% fat in the vanilla and coffee option. You can choose from chocolate, coffee and vanilla alternatives to meet your daily protein needs in a delicious way.

İçim Fit meets 60% of your daily protein needs.
It contains more than 2 times more protein than regular UHT milk.
Athletes have a higher daily protein requirement. İçim Fit helps to meet protein needs during and after training, accelerate muscle building and strengthen the immune system.
İçim Fit is an excellent alternative for your diet with its skim milk content.
No added sugar.
100ml is only 50 calories.

Where Does İçim Fit's High Protein Come From?

İçim Fit’s high protein comes from concentrating the proteins naturally found in milk. İçim Fit does not contain protein powder. The proteins in the milk are separated from the milk by ultrafiltration method and added in İçim Fit. The ultrafilter we use is so fine that it passes through the water, minerals and lactose in the milk, but not the proteins, which are larger in diameter. In this way, the protein in the milk can be separated, concentrated and used for İçim Fit.