With our values of “passion, commitment and simplicity”, we have been bringing many delicious, high quality and nutritious products to our consumers under the İçim brand since 1998.

With İçim, one of the strongest brands in the market, we deliver more than 200 varieties of milk, yoghurt, cheese, buttermilk, butter, kefir, cream, cream, growth cubes and pudding in 10 main categories to all our consumers.

About İçim Milk

With the awareness that a healthy and happy life is as much about looking at life from the positive side as it is about eating well, we continue our journey with the motto “Look at the bright side of life with İçim“. As a positive, modern, sincere and dynamic brand, we touch not only the taste buds but also the minds and hearts of our consumers.

About İçim Milk

İçim is produced with the quality of AK Gıda, Turkey’s largest producer of milk and dairy products with 6 production facilities. Our plants in Pamukova, Lüleburgaz, Karaman, Kahramanmaraş and Tire have a total daily milk processing capacity of 5,000 tons.

Quality is our top priority at every stage of our business, from production processes to product content, from packaging to logistics.

About Us

We focus on renewable energy, clean water and waste management; we direct our investments by choosing environmentally friendly business solutions that will reduce our environmental impact and carbon footprint in all our main processes.

The responsibility of being one of the strong brands in the milk and dairy products market and the interest of our consumers in our brand and products give us more strength every day. With this strength, we continue to develop new products and fulfill our responsibilities towards our planet. While transforming milk into hundreds of delicious, high quality and nutritious products, we also take care to use our resources efficiently and protect the environment.

About İçim Milk

The taste and quality of İçim products are gaining national and international recognition. The “Superior Taste Award” from the International Taste and Quality Institute, known as the“Michelin Guide to Food“, recognized the taste of our yoghurt, labneh, cottage cheese and feta cheese products.

Milk is a very valuable source of nutrition for people of all ages. We focus on developing new categories and varieties so that everyone can benefit from this food source. With innovation, one of our strongest muscles, we continue our R&D efforts to offer products that meet consumer trends and needs.


Our recipes

İçimden yemek geldi
İçim İçim Rahat İçim Fit İçim Şef İçim İçimino İçim Dolcia