Chefs’ Formula İçim Şef Cream

İçim Şef Cream will be the indispensable secret of your meals with its two different varieties.

İçim Şef Krema is suitable for both dessert and cooking with its special 35% fat formula. Especially with its structure suitable for use by whisking, it is your assistant that adds flavor to your desserts. You can use İçim Şef Krema 35% fatty either by whipping it to make desserts or with fruits, or without whipping to add flavor to soups, fish, meat, pasta or any hot dish you want.

İçim Şef Cream 18% Fat is your helper that adds flavor to your kitchen with its new structure suitable for both sauce and cooking. Creamy tomato soup, mushroom pasta with chicken, cream of mushroom sauce recipes and more meet with the secret of chefs. The choice of chefs, İçim Şef Cream with 18% milk fat will be indispensable for your soups, meals and sauces.

İçim Şef Cream is your helper that adds flavor to your kitchen both in your sauces and meals and in your cakes and desserts.

The secret of chefs is also in your kitchen with İçim Şef Cream…

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What is cream?

İçim Şef Krema is a fresh milk cream produced from pasteurized cow’s milk. Cream is a product obtained by separating milk fat. İçim Şef Krema will be indispensable in your kitchen with its perfect consistency, abundant milky structure and unique flavor.

How Should I Store İçim Şef Krema?

You can store unopened İçim Şef Krema at room temperature and use it directly for your meals and sauces.

It is especially recommended to keep it in the refrigerator before using it in dessert making. After 12 hours of refrigeration, you can use İçim Şef Krema by whipping it for your desserts and cakes. The full flavor and dense consistency of İçim Şef Cream from milk will be the flavor secret of your desserts.

What is the Difference Between İçim Şef Cream Types?

İçim Şef Krema 18% Fat, especially suitable for soups, sauces and hot dishes. Ideal for recipes without whipping, where cream is used directly. The secret of both delicious and light presentations with its low-fat structure.

İçim Şef Cream 35% Fat, especially suitable for use by whipping in dessert making. It is ideal for recipes that require whipping, with its dense consistency and plump texture.

Why İçim Şef Krema?

İçim Şef Cream brings the flavor secret of chefs to your kitchens with its unique consistency and structure. Carrying its experience in dairy products to this field, İçim brings consumers together with products suitable for different needs. İçim Şef Krema products, which you can get the best performance in all kinds of recipes from soups to meals, from meals to desserts, make every recipe more delicious.

While İçim Şef Cream 18% Fat is your indispensable assistant in making soups, meals and sauces; İçim Şef Cream 35% Fat continues to add a unique flavor to your desserts and cakes. At the same time, it makes your life easier with its easy use and practicality, flavoring meals and desserts.

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