As Turkey’s leading milk and dairy products company, we produce the highest quality and most delicious milk in our country.

We are the leading company in the milk and dairy products sector with our 6 production facilities spread throughout Turkey and a daily milk processing capacity of 5,000 tons.
Our journey, which started with the production of UHT milk, yoghurt, feta cheese and cheddar cheese, continues today with more than 300 product types from cottage cheese to creamy yoghurt, from milk desserts to kefir. In our 6 production facilities in different regions of Turkey, including Sakarya, Karaman, Lüleburgaz, Kahramanmaraş and Tire, we process milk collected from all over Turkey and deliver it to consumers in a natural and delicious way.
As Turkey’s largest producer of milk and dairy products, we offer consumers many natural, delicious, high-quality and nutritious products from milk to yoghurt, from buttermilk to kefir, from fresh cheese to ready-made puddings with our İçim consumer brand.

İçim is one of the leading milk brands in Turkey and ranks in the top 3 in the market. With its delicious and natural products, İçim has won many awards and recognitions both domestically and internationally. In 2016-2018, İçim cheese and yoghurt products were awarded the “Excellent Taste Award” by the International Taste Institute, known as the “Michelin Guide to Food”. İçim Ayran won the “Excellent Taste Award” for 2017 in the beverage category. In 2018, İçim Labneh won the Gold Medal and İçim Cottage White Cheese won the 29th Gold Medal. It won the Bronze Medal at the World Cheese Awards, the world’s largest international cheese competition.
Inspired by the care that mothers show to their families, İçim continues to add flavor to life with its natural, high quality, fresh and affordable products.
Président, the world’s leading cheese brand, is now in Turkey. Président offers the expertise and experience it has accumulated over the years through its products.