Katmer Recipe – How to Make Katmer


-1 piece of phyllo dough
-80 ml İçim Chief Cream
-2 tbsp powdered bozic (fresh, unroasted pistachios)
-2 tablespoon grain bozic
-1.5 tablespoon butter
-2 tablespoons granulated sugar
For the top
-3 tbsp İçim Chief Cream


How to Make Katmer That Will Make You Look Like the Original?

– Roll out 1 phyllo sheet on the counter, cut the round parts on the edges and turn it into a square. Then cut a + in the center to make 4 small squares.
-After preparing each piece in this way, melt 1.5 tablespoons of butter in a pan and brush it into the phyllo sheets. In this way, we will make a katmer with less oil than the original katmer dough.
-Place the leftover phyllo pieces inside the squares and make a support underneath.
-You don’t need to apply all the oil. You will use what is left in the pan for cooking.
-Mix two tablespoons each of granulated sugar, powdered bozichi and coarsely chopped bozichi and sprinkle evenly over the phyllo sheets. Reserve 2 pinches of this mixture to sprinkle on top after cooking. If you don’t have bozic, you can make it with roasted peanuts or other nuts. Hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, peanuts are all good.
-Whisk 80 ml of İçim cream in a bowl with a mixer or a whisk if you trust your wrist. So it will rise and become more dense
-Spoon the whipped cream over the phyllo pastry haphazardly but evenly.
-Then fold each square inwards along the edges in three folds. Then fold in half so that the short edges meet in the middle and overlap a little.
-Turn the heat back on. When the oil gets a little hot, put the katmer in the pan. Cook on both sides until nicely colored and browned in places.
-When you remove it from the pan, sprinkle the reserved bozic mixture over it.
-When you finally pour 3 tablespoons of cream over them, your cream katmer from phyllo pastry is at your disposal.

Tricks of the Katmer Recipe:

-When you cut your phyllo sheets into squares, you can put them inside the squares to avoid wasting the sides.
– While preparing our cream, you can get a more viscous cream if you whisk it until it thickens by removing air during the whipping process.

Service Suggestion:

Serve hot.