Oven pasta recipe with bechamel sauce


( for 4 people )

1 pack of stick pasta
250 gr İçim White Cheese
1 egg
200 gr İçim Kashar Cheese

For the Bechamel Sauce

100 g margarine
3 tbsp flour
1.5 liters of İçim Süt


1. Boil the pasta according to the recipe written on the back of the package.
2. On the other hand, prepare the béchamel sauce.
3.Drain the boiled pasta and add half of the béchamel sauce to the pasta.
4. Put some grated İçim Feta Cheese in it and mix.
5.Grease the bottom and sides of the oven cylinder with margarine
6.Pour half of the pasta with the béchamel sauce into the tray.
7. Spread the remaining grated İçim Feta Cheese evenly on all sides.
8.Spread the remaining béchamel pasta on top.
9.Break the egg into the other half of the béchamel sauce, mix well and pour over the ingredients.
10. Sprinkle with grated İçim Kashar Cheese and bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees until golden brown. Enjoy your meal.

Making Bechamel Sauce: Melt the margarine in a saucepan. Slowly add flour and fry it. Add İçim Milk into it, stirring slowly and continuously. Cook until it thickens a little.

Tip: Grease the baking tray generously, otherwise you will have a hard time removing the pasta from the tray as the pasta will stick to the tray.