New Iciminos Meet Children!

New Iciminos Meet Children!

Are you ready to embark on exciting adventures with new İçiminos, all of which are different from each other and very fun? The Iciminos embark on a very colorful journey with the children to reach the “sea of milk”! Each adventure opens the door to wonderful, entertaining worlds!

The new İçimino family also supports the healthy development of children with its products with high protein, vitamin D and calcium content.

Offering milk and dairy products to children in their most natural and freshest form to support the healthy development of children, İçim İçimino, Chocolate & Fruit Milk, Children’s Yoghurt and Tetra Pudding packages take their place on the shelves with their brand new designs reflecting this colorful world!

Fun is guaranteed with the new Iciminos, all of whom are more cute and colorful than the other! The adventures of excited strawberries, bewildered bananas, and traveling chocolates never, ever end! Children are also looking forward to sharing the excitement of the İçiminos who run from adventure to adventure to reach the sea of milk.

While children share in the exciting and fun-filled adventures of İçimino, they also grow up with both healthy and delicious products! İçiminos, which are safely preferred by mothers, also support the healthy development of children without additional additives with their formula enriched with vitamin D and calcium, reduced in sugar.

Another Innovation from the İçimino Family

A Brand New Flavor in Children’s Yoghurts! İçimino family continues to grow with the new Apricot and Apple Children’s Yoghurt…

Offering different flavor options such as strawberries, bananas, forest fruits and biscuits, the new variety of İçimino, which children love to consume, comes together with apricots and apples.

İçimino is the most fun form of milk!

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