The Secret of Chefs, İçim Şef Cream, Now on the Shelves!

The Secret of Chefs, İçim Şef Cream, Now on the Shelves!

İçim Şef Krema, prepared for delicious desserts and delicious dishes, has taken its place on the shelves. İçim Şef Krema, which carries the special recipes of Refika Birgül, Natali Gökyay and Yağız İzgül in packages, is ready to meet consumers.

İçim Şef Krema, which shows the best performance in both desserts and meals with its special formula with 35% fat, has taken its place on the shelves. İçim Chef Cream, which adds flavor to every dish with its formula prepared with Refika Birgül, Natali Gökyay and Yağız İzgül, has become indispensable for famous chefs. The special recipes of chefs, whose culinary knowledge and delicious recipes are followed with admiration, are also available in new packages.

Refika Birgül, author of cookbooks and founder of “Rekifa’s Kitchen“, shares her recipes “Cinnamon Meatballs with Creamy Almond Sauce” and “Noodles with Creamy Walnut Feta Cheese” in İçim Şef Krema packages. Giving information about kitchen tips, Birgül said; “We will see together that cream can add flavor to many more dishes than we can imagine, from soup to rice, meatballs and of course dessert. İçim Şef Krema is the secret to capture that miraculous taste of the food you cook.”

World Cookbook Awards Gourmand award-winning cookbook author and renowned chef Natali Gökyay shares her “Strawberry Cupcake” recipe with consumers, stating, “The secret to my desserts is the great chef in the little box; İçim Şef Cream. With İçim Şef Cream, my desserts achieve an unmatched taste,” thus highlighting the indispensable role of the cream in her kitchen. Famous chef Yağız İzgül, owner of Burger Project Restaurant, said, “My secret of flavor in the kitchen is İçim Şef Krema. From meat to vegetables, the flavor that İçim Chef Cream adds to my meals is indescribable.” With these words, he draws attention to the flavor-adding role of cream and offers the recipe of “Creamy Mushroom Chicken”.

The secret of the chefs is in your kitchen: İçim Chef Cream

İçim Chef Cream, the flavor secret of chefs, will be one of the most important helpers in the kitchen with its 35% fattier structure. You can use İçim Chef Cream either by whipping it to make desserts or with fruits, or you can use it without whipping to add flavor to soups, fish, meat, pasta or any hot dish you want. İçim Chef Cream will make your recipes even more delicious with its special formula, suitable for whipping and cooking.

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