İçim Mini Cheese Ball: The Mini Version of Taste

With its high protein and rich calcium content, “İçim Mini Cheese Ball” meets half of your daily milk needs thanks to the 3 glasses of milk it contains in 100 grams. İçim Mini Cheese Ball offer an indispensable taste to you and your loved ones with its flavor coming from its low-salt structure. In addition to the calcium and proteins it contains, its soft structure that dissolves in the mouth allows it to be easily consumed at every meal.

Practical Snacks with İçim Mini Cheese Ball

İçim Mini Cheese Ball are with you at any time of the day, when you want to suppress your hunger, to add a different touch to the sandwiches, pizza or salads you prepare.

In short, İçim Mini Cheese Ball will be an option that is both very nutritious and adds flavor to your meals when you want a light and delicious snack at any time of the day.

İçim Mini Cheese Ball Containing High Protein and Rich Calcium

“ İçim Mini Cheese Ball” with 3 glasses of milk in 100 grams supports healthy bone development as it contains calcium, one of the basic building blocks of child development.

At the same time, İçim Mini Cheese Ball protect your loved ones for you with their rich protein content, which is of great importance in strengthening the immune system, functioning of metabolism, and the formation of bone, muscle and blood cells. Since lack of energy and protein negatively affects intelligence development, especially in children under the age of 5, “İçim Mini Cheese Grains”, which are very delicious with their low salt structure, also support the mental development of your children.

Additionally, you can prepare snacks or sandwiches on bread for your children during play breaks with “İçim Mini Cheese Ball”, which make your children love cheese with its flavor coming from plenty of milk and its soft texture.

When you want to prepare delicious breakfasts or suppress your hunger, İçim Mini Cheese Ball, which melt in your mouth with their low-salt and soft structure, offer you the opportunity to prepare delicious recipes by providing a different touch. At the same time, thanks to the high protein and rich calcium it contains, you can easily prepare light and delicious salads that you can consume before or after exercise.

İçim Mini Cheese Ball contain pasteurized cow’s milk, rennet, cheese culture, stabilizer, emulsifying salts, preservative (potassium sorbate) and salt. It contains at least 45% milk fat in dry matter and is a source of calcium. As energy nutrients, 100 g contains 265 kcal of energy, 21.5 g of fat, 14 g of saturated fat, 1.3 g of carbohydrates, 1.3 g of sugar, 16.5 g of protein and 1.2 g of salt. Additionally, it contains 480 mg of calcium per 100 g.

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