İçim White Cheese, an Indispensable Item for Breakfast Tables

İçim White Cheese

When it comes to Turkish breakfast, the first thing that comes to mind is delicious White Cheese. White Cheese is the most consumed cheese type in Turkey and is indispensable for households. İçim White Cheese is a pickled cheese produced untouched by human hands. For this reason, it has the same superior taste in every package and has the ideal medium hardness.

İçim White Cheese has different size packages to suit different sized households and different consumption amounts: 250g, 500g, 900g, 1000g.

What is Brine?

Pickling is a technique used to make foods, vegetables or fruits last longer without spoiling, without the need to use preservatives. White cheese preserved in salt water can also be stored for a longer time, without preservative additives, without spoiling and preserving its taste.

What is the Difference of İçim Beyaz Cheese?

Consumers want fresh, high-quality, reliable and, perhaps most importantly, delicious white cheese. İçim White Cheese has also had its taste registered by the International Taste and Quality Institute (ITQI) in Belgium. It is the White Cheese that received the title of “Remarkable Taste”, that is, 2 stars from the superior taste awards.

What is ITQI?

ITQI is an independent organization of chefs and sommeliers who test consumer food and beverages from around the world and promote those that taste superior.

The jury was selected among the 15 most prestigious Culinary and Beverage Associations in Europe, including the Turkish Culinary Association.

Hundreds of small and large-scale companies from more than 131 countries benefit from the Superior Taste Award.

What Does “Remarkable Taste” Mean?

Products that score between 80% and 90% in blind taste tests conducted by ITQI are registered with 2 stars and this title.

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