Crusted Yoghurt

İçim Crusted Yoghurt brings the taste of crusted yoghurt, which is indispensable in Turkish cuisine, to the tables. The classic yoghurt taste with its cream and taste is carefully prepared with İçim quality. You can enrich your tables with İçim Crusted Yoghurt and prepare delicious recipes for yourself and your loved ones.

What are the benefits of crusted yoghurt?

İçim Crusted Yoghurt is a classic flavor with its cream, where you will enjoy the traditional yoghurt taste. Crusted yoghurt, which you can consume at every meal of the day, is both very satisfying and healthy with the vitamins, minerals, protein and fat it contains. İçim yoghurts are prepared using the highest quality milk and packaged untouched by human hands. İçim creamy yoghurt, which contains 155 mg of calcium in every 100 grams, is effective in protecting bone, teeth and muscle health thanks to the calcium it contains. İçim creamy yoghurt attracts attention with both its taste and high nutritional value.

How many calories are there in Crusted Yoghurt?

İçim Crusted Yoghurt contains 61 kcal in every 100 grams.

İçim Crusted Yoghurt, the Star of the Table with its Unique Taste

İçim crusted yoghurt can be consumed as a complementary flavor with main meals or as a snack on its own. İçim Crusted Yoghurt consists of a thick layer of crust on top of the yoghurt and a homogeneous yoghurt underneath this layer. The crust layer is a protective layer that protects both the consistency and flavor of the yoghurt and ensures that the crusty flavor transfers to the yoghurt. It goes well with all kinds of dishes with olive oil, meat and tomato paste. You can make crusted yoghurt, which you can consume alone with its thick consistency, the star of your snacks with additional foods such as fruit and oats, and enjoy the taste of both cream and yoghurt with different recipes. İçim creamy yoghurt is a classic flavor that you and your loved ones can consume with confidence and will be the star of your tables with its taste.

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