İçim Rahat Lactose-Free Yoghurt

Lactose is a natural sugar found in milk and requires the enzyme lactase to break it down. Insufficient lactase enzyme in the body prevents the breakdown of this sugar and digestive complaints occur.

İçim Rahat Lactose-Free Yoghurt does not cause bloating as the lactose in it is broken down and can be consumed easily. You can easily consume it with meals in daily life with the yoghurt taste you are used to.

Milk sugar, which is formed by the combination of two separate carbohydrates called glucose and galactose, is called lactose. However, people with digestive problems find it difficult to digest the lactose contained in milk and dairy products. Lactose is found in dairy products such as milk, ayran, yoghurt, cream, cheese, kefir, butter and cream.

People with insufficient lactose enzymes may experience conditions such as bloating in the digestive system of their bodies shortly after consuming foods containing lactose.

During the production phase of İçim Lactose-Free Yoghurt, lactose, which is naturally present in milk, is broken down. Thus, İçim Lactose-Free Yoghurt allows people with lactose intolerance to benefit from all the benefits of yoghurt without experiencing these problems.

What is Lactose-Free Yoghurt?

During the production of İçim Lactose-Free Yoghurt, natural lactase enzyme is added to the milk during the addition of yoghurt culture to the milk and the natural lactose in the milk is broken down. Thus, the broken down lactose turns into glucose and galactose, which are more easily digested. İçim Lactose-Free Yoghurt, fermented and prepared in İçim facilities under the most hygienic conditions, eliminates your digestive problems and helps both you and your loved ones consume it in the most delicious way. İçim Lactose-Free Yoghurt can be consumed plain or can be consumed with peace of mind on dishes, sauces, pastries, and desserts. İçim Lactose-Free Yoghurt, with its special formula, ensures that yoghurt is digested very easily in the body. İçim Lactose-Free Yoghurt, which helps reduce digestive complaints in people with lactose sensitivity, can be consumed safely and easily both as main and snack meals.

What is Lactose-Free Yoghurt Used for?

It allows people who cannot consume yoghurt to benefit from the nutritional value of yoghurt. İçim Lactose-Free Yoghurt, which has the same feature as other yoghurt types in terms of nutritional value; Thanks to the protein it contains, it protects the muscle structure of those who consume it, increases resistance to diseases, and strengthens bone and tooth structure thanks to its calcium content.

Why Should We Consume Lactose-Free Products?

Many people with lactose intolerance are encountered throughout the world, especially in societies such as the Mediterranean, Asia and Africa. People who cannot digest lactose prefer to stay away from milk and dairy-containing foods.

Naturally, while this situation prevents bone development in children, it also causes the development of some serious disorders such as osteoporosis in adults. In this case, in order to benefit from all the benefits of the milk group without experiencing digestive problems, it is necessary to consume lactose-free milk, yoghurt or other dairy products.

İçim Lactose-Free Yoghurt can be easily preferred with all your food or snack products, with its high nutritional value and taste. With the 750 gram package option, you can safely consume İçim Rahat Lactose-Free Yoghurt with your loved ones, as you are sure of its naturalness and freshness.

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