İçim Organic Yoghurt, produced only with organic cow’s milk and yoghurt yeast, is a natural source of calcium. We present to your liking our İçim Organic Yoghurt, which is produced from the unique taste of milk milked from our cows fed with fresh clover grown in the unique nature of our country. By fermenting this delicious milk, we deliver İçim Organic Yoghurt to your tables in its natural form and in accordance with Organic Agriculture Standards.

Organic Yoghurt

The story of our Organic milk began in the plateaus of Anatolia. The unique nature of Anatolia wakes up to a different beauty every morning.

Fresh clovers greet the sun with a smile. The milk milked from cows fed with these natural clovers has a completely different taste and health.

We strive every day to process this natural milk of the Black Sea and deliver it to your tables safely, in accordance with Organic Agriculture Standards. This is the story of İçim Organic Yoghurt, from a clover to naturalness in your kitchen.

İçim Organic Yoghurt is produced in accordance with the regulations and annexes regarding the Organic Agriculture Law No. 5262 of the Republic of Turkey and the Related Organic Agriculture Principles and Practice.

İçim Organic Yoghurt is carefully fermented using techniques that meet the expectations of Organic Agriculture Standards. Thus, it takes its place in people’s daily nutritional routines as a rich source of vitamins and minerals.

What is Organic Yoghurt?

Organic yoghurt; It is formed as a result of the combination of cow milk, which is fed from nature and moves freely in its natural environment, with yoghurt yeast. At the same time, feeding cows from nature’s rich nutritional flora also makes yoghurt delicious. The lactic acid bacteria contained in the yeast used in the organic yoghurt fermentation process ferment the milk in a short time, enabling the production of yoghurt, which is a very beneficial nutrient for health. Organic yoghurt stands out not only with its taste but also with its calcium and protein properties.

What are the Benefits of Organic Yoghurt?

Bone and skeletal system are the systems where the benefits of yoghurt are visible. İçim Organic Yoghurt is very rich in energy and nutrients. In addition, it meets most of the calcium the body needs with its calcium content of over 150 mg. It is one of the healthiest foods with its fat, carbohydrate and protein content.

How Many Days Should Organic Yoghurt Be Consumed?

Fermented using special techniques, it preserves the vitamins and minerals it contains throughout its shelf life. The fact that the production and consumption dates are on each yoghurt package is an important reference for those who include yoghurt in their daily diet. İçim organic yoghurt, which has an important place in the healthy lives of both adults and children, is indispensable for the daily nutrition routine. You can safely consume İçim Organic yoghurt, which has natural content, throughout its shelf life.

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