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Mother’s milk is a miraculous nutrient with the richness and quality to meet all the nutritional needs of babies in the first six months. It is of great importance that children consume foods that can meet their vitamin and mineral needs from the age of one. In this way, the muscle, bone and immune system development of children will continue healthily.

Follow-on milks are among the most important nutritional sources in the development period of children with the additional vitamins and minerals they contain. Prepared considering the vitamins and minerals that children need during their development period, İçim Grow Up Milk helps support your child’s healthy development with its rich nutritional content.

What is Grow Up Milk ?

Grow Up Milk is the general name for milks that provide the necessary vitamin and mineral support to children from the age of one. It has been specially developed to support the physical development of children and contribute to the normal function of their immune systems. Grow Up Milk can be preferred not only as a supplement to breast milk but also during periods when children stop drinking breast milk.

What are the Benefits of İçim Grow Up Milk ?

İçim Grow Up Milk contains 13 vitamins and 13 minerals to support your child’s overall development.

One glass (250 ml) of İçim Grow Up Milk meets:
60% of Vitamin D requirements,
22% of iron requirements,
54% of Vitamin K requirements,
38% of Vitamin A requirements,
31% of Vitamin B12 requirements,
36% of Vitamin B6 requirements,
44% of Vitamin C requirements,
40% of Vitamin E requirements,
21% of Zinc requirements,
and 24% of calcium needs.
It is suitable for consumption by all family members with its mineral and vitamin support.

Who Can Drink İçim Grow Up Milk ?

İçim Grow Up Milk is recommended for consumption by children over 12 months of age. The product, considered as a follow-on milk for 1-year-olds, does not replace breast milk during the first six months for babies. It can be used as part of the diet for babies over six months with doctor approval for special nutrition.

İçim Grow Up Milk can be consumed not only by children but also by all family members. If you are looking for a child milk that supports healthy nutrition, you can confidently choose İçim Grow Up Milk for your child over one year old. If you wish, you can also consume İçim Grow Up Milk, thereby enriching your diet with protein, calcium, minerals, and vitamins.

Does İçim Grow Up Milk Contain Preservatives?

According to the Turkish Food Codex, it is prohibited for follow-on milks to contain preservatives. İçim Grow Up Milk does not contain preservatives, maintains its nutritional value until the expiration date, and can be consumed with peace of mind.

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