Taste and Freshness… İçim Pasteurized Milk

Fresh milk collected from all over Turkey is pasteurized with the latest technology on the same day, and is purified from harmful bacteria and microorganisms with microfiltration technology. 100% natural milk, with all its nutritional values preserved, is filled into packages with a special filling and capping technique, without adding any additives. Thus, İçim pasteurized milk always remains fresh.

You can safely consume İçim Pasteurized milk, confident of its freshness and 100% naturalness, and give it to your loved ones.

Pasteurized Milk

İçim pasteurized milk, preferred by consumers who care about eating healthy and natural foods, maintains its freshness and taste throughout its use with its natural content. Its flavor comes from blending milk collected from different regions of Turkey. Pasteurized milk, which is pasteurized on the same day and purified from harmful bacteria, brings health to your tables with the vitamins and minerals it contains.

What is Pasteurized Milk?

In addition to being produced untouched by human hands, daily milk is pasteurized on the day it is supplied. The techniques applied during these processes help milk preserve its nutritional value. Thus, the product reaches the table as a source of vitamins and minerals and is enjoyed by consumers of all ages throughout its shelf life. It is a food that people of all ages consume with pleasure, not only for its taste but also for its contribution to health. Milk consumption, especially starting from childhood, manifests itself in healthy teeth, bone structure and skin tissue in later ages. When milk is consumed at night; It supports the development of children thanks to the minerals and vitamins it contains. The effect of a warm glass of milk at night on a healthy sleep is indisputable. The refreshing effect of cold milk makes the product indispensable for the summer months. It is consumed plain or serves as a raw material for foods such as cakes and pastries. It is one of the most sought-after actors in desserts.

What are the differences between pasteurized milk and UHT milk?

Milk is among the nutrients with the highest nutritional value in breakfasts. There are two types of milk: pasteurized and UHT. Both of them have rich content in terms of health. İçim pasteurized milk is available in different packages such as glass or plastic bottles. For UHT milk, multi-layer cardboard packaging is preferred. The choice of packaging was decided as a result of long research and development studies. Additionally, packaging sizes are designed taking into account people’s consumption habits. Pasteurized milk is a milk that should be consumed in a short time. UHT milk is known as long-life milk. Having more than one packaging type in UHT milk ensures that the product is consumed within its shelf life. Steam technology is used during the production of UHT, long-life milk. İçim Milk is processed at 140 to 150 degrees and quickly and carefully cooled under vacuum. While the fat rate in daily milk is constant in both glass and PET packaging types, the fat rate in UHT milk varies depending on whether the milk is full fat or semi-fat.Calcium found in pasteurized milk is essential for the maintenance of normal bones and contributes to normal muscle function.The fact that both UHT and pasteurized milk are rich in energy and nutrients is a factor in why milk is preferred as a nutritional source. The shelf life of both milks is different.

How Many Days to Consume Pasteurized Milk?

In addition, the new generation technologies used during production purify the product from harmful bacteria and microorganisms. UHT milk lasts for 4 months at room temperature as long as its packaging is not opened. It is important to consume it within the times specified in the packaging to benefit from the rich content of the product. The product is a nutritious source of minerals and vitamins in every form. İçim Pasteurized Milk, which does not contain any additives, is obtained from cows grazing in different parts of Turkey and reaches your tables in a pure and natural way. The rich mineral and vitamin content of milk obtained from different regions brings taste and health to your home. You can safely consume İçim Pasteurized Milk, which has natural ingredients, throughout its shelf life and give it to your loved ones safely.

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