Cozy Lactose-Free Milk

The main features of İçim Rahat Lactose-Free Milk, which offers a healthy alternative for anyone who wants to feel light while consuming milk, are as follows:

● It is suitable for people who do not want to experience bloating while dieting, who want to eat healthy and spend a comfortable day without bloating.
● 100 ml contains 1.5 g fat, 4.7 g carbohydrate, 3 g protein and 112 mg calcium.
100 ml contains 44 kcal and 183 kJ.

What is Lactose?

Lactose is a disaccharide consisting of two sugar molecules, one molecule each of glucose and galactose. It is also found in breast milk. The vast majority of people are born with enough lactase enzyme in their bodies to digest lactose. For this reason, lactose intolerance is rare in children under 5 years of age.

What is lactose intolerance?

Lactose intolerance, also known as lactose intolerance, describes a digestive system disorder that develops due to the inability to digest lactose in the body. Patients with lactose intolerance do not have enough of the enzyme lactase, which breaks down and digests lactose. Lack of sufficient lactase enzyme in the body causes lactose to pass into the intestines without being absorbed. For this reason, people with lactose intolerance may experience abdominal pain and bloating when they consume foods containing lactose. Lactose intolerance is a very common condition today.

What is lactose-free milk?

The answer to the question “How to make lactose-free milk?” is quite simple. Lactose-free milk is prepared by breaking down the lactose in milk using the natural lactase enzyme and breaking it down into simple sugars. In other words, no additives or added sugars are used in the production of lactose-free milk. The natural lactase enzyme added allows lactose to break down spontaneously and digest more easily. Thus, when you drink lactose-free milk, your complaints such as bloating, nausea, stomach pain and gas caused by lactose consumption are reduced or completely eliminated.

What are the benefits of lactose-free milk?

  • These milks are the first choice for those who want to consume milk without lactose intolerance and have the same benefits as milk.
    It allows people with lactose intolerance to consume milk without experiencing digestive complaints.
  • It is a product that can be safely preferred by anyone who wants to consume milk only during the day without problems such as bloating and gas.
  • Since the protein, calcium and vitamin values it contains are the same as normal milk, it supports healthy nutrition and development.
  • It is a food that is among the main sources of protein as well as containing high levels of vitamin A and D.
  • Foods containing calcium and vitamin D are of great importance for strengthening bones and muscles. Thanks to the vitamins it contains, it has an important place in the healthy development process.

What are the differences of lactose-free milk compared to regular milk?

The only difference between lactose-free milk and regular milk is that the lactose it contains is broken down by the natural lactase enzyme added from outside. This makes it easier to digest. The lactase enzyme breaks down lactose into glucose and galactose. This is why lactose-free milk can taste sweeter than regular milk.

Who can drink lactose-free milk?

It is not a food that only people with lactose intolerance can consume. On the contrary, it is an option that can be consumed with peace of mind by anyone who wants to eat lighter, prevent possible digestive complaints and have digestive problems such as gas and bloating due to lactose. There is also no harm in consuming it by nursing mothers, pregnant women and children.

What are the products of the İçim Rahat Lactose-Free family?

How about meeting all members of the İçim Rahat Lactose-Free family for easy digestion and a relaxed day? Click to review the İçim Rahat Lactose-Free family with lactose-free milk and dairy products!

İçim Rahat Laktozsuz Süt
Dünya genelinde laktoza intoleransı olan kişilerin sayısı, toleransı olanlara kıyasla daha fazladır. Siz de İçim Rahat Laktozsuz Süt’ü tercih ederek sindirim şikayetlerinizi azaltarak süt tüketebilir, daha rahat bir gün geçirebilir ve sağlıklı beslenebilirsiniz.

İçim Rahat Laktozsuz Yoğurt
İçim Rahat Laktozsuz Yoğurt, doğal laktaz enzimi eklenerek sütün içeriğindeki laktozun paketlenme aşamasında parçalanması sonucunda hazırlanır. Böylelikle yoğurt tükettikten sonra laktozdan kaynaklı sindirim şikayetleri yaşamadan hafif ve rahat bir gün geçirebilirsiniz.

İçim Rahat Laktozsuz Kefir
Kefir, oldukça değerli bir kalsiyum ve protein kaynağıdır. Sütün özel bir mayayla fermente edilmesi sonucunda hazırlanan kefir, içerdiği probiyotik bakteriler sayesinde sindirim sisteminin düzenlenmesine yardımcı olur. İçim Laktozsuz Kefir ile bağışıklık sisteminizi güçlendirebilir, vücudunuza kalsiyum ve vitamin desteği kazandırabilir, sindirim sisteminizi dengeleyebilirsiniz.

What you need to know about lactose-free milk

Here's what you need to know about lactose-free milk, which is preferred by those who are reluctant to consume milk due to a digestive disorder known as lactose intolerance.

Is lactose-free milk the same nutritional value as regular milk?

The protein, vitamin and calcium values of lactose-free milk are the same as regular plain milk.

What are the harms of lactose?

When consumed in moderate amounts, lactose is not considered a harmful sugar. However, based on research, it is estimated that approximately 75% of the world’s population does not have sufficient tolerance to lactose. Consuming lactose for people with lactose intolerance may cause problems such as stomach pain and bloating.

People who experience nausea or gas after drinking milk are likely to have lactose intolerance. “Does lactose-free milk cause gas?” is among the most curious questions about lactose-free milk. Lactose-free milk ensures that the digestive complaints experienced by people with lactose intolerance are much less than regular milk. Therefore, excessive consumption of lactose is not recommended as it can cause digestive complaints in the majority of people.

Can pregnant women consume lactose-free milk?

During pregnancy, the body of expectant mothers may develop temporary lactose intolerance. Symptoms such as nausea and bloating as a result of lactose consumption can challenge expectant mothers physically and psychologically. There is no harm in drinking lactose-free milk during pregnancy. On the contrary, it is frequently preferred in this process as it can prevent possible digestive system complaints.

Can children drink lactose-free milk?

Lactose-free milk has the same nutritional values as plain milk. Therefore, children’s consumption of lactose-free milk does not negatively affect their healthy nutrition process. It is especially recommended for children with lactose intolerance to drink lactose-free milk.

Lactose-free with sugar? (Why is lactose-free milk sweeter?)

The reason why lactose-free milk tastes sweeter and sugarier than other milk is that the lactose in milk is broken down into glucose and galactose components. The breakdown of lactose into simple sugars causes lactose-free milk to have a sweeter taste than regular milk. Lactose-free milk is equivalent to regular plain milk in terms of calories and nutritional value. Therefore, it does not contain additional additives or added sugar.

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