İçimino Flavored UHT Milk

Are you ready to explore the New İçimino world with its fun style? İçimino is a delicious combination of milk with chocolate and your favorite fruits… Its stance is different, just like yours. Come on, give it a try!

İçim Milk opens the door to taste for everyone, regardless of age, with its rich content of protein, vitamins, and minerals known to be beneficial to human health. İçim milk products offer a variety of flavors that every age group will enjoy.

Chocolate and fruit milks, which are sources of calcium, support bone and body development.İçim flavored milk aims to give energy to children with its chocolate, banana and strawberry options.

It can be a quick and delicious breakfast option or a healthy snack during the day. Drinking chocolate or strawberry milk options that support growth and development are the favorites of gourmet children looking for a different milk taste. Ready to consume at any time with their practical carrying sizes, drinkable chocolate and fruit milks are ready to be a pleasant companion for your children all day long!

Delicious İçim Flavored Milk for Snack Time

İçim fruit milk, which has a rich content in terms of calcium, is a good alternative for anyone who needs energy. Fun milks, which endear them even to children who do not like milk, support the daily calorie intake. One pack of İçim fruit milk helps you start the day vigorously and energetically with 245 calories.

İçim chocolate milk, which is consumed with great admiration by children; It is a wonderful mixture with its smooth, creamy consistency and rich chocolate flavor. You can take chocolate and fruit milks, which contain healthy elements and are highly nutritious, with their delicious flavors wherever you go.

You can also consume İçim chocolate milk products, which are a strong source of calcium, protein, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin A and D, as a healthy snack and offer them to your loved ones. When you want to get energy during the day, you can reward yourself by consuming chocolate and fruit milks.

The banana milk option, which combines the intense taste of banana and milk, contributes to the daily calcium need. One pack of İçim fruit milk contains 180 ml of milk in addition to the amount you need daily. You can store İçim milk, which you can buy in packs of 6, until the expiration date, provided that it is kept in a cool environment.

Chocolate and Fruit Milks for an Immunity Boost

Chocolate and fruit milks, specially produced for those who cannot drink plain milk or those looking for an alternative taste, offer an insatiable taste for everyone.The calcium in it is necessary for the maintenance of normal bones and contributes to normal muscle function. Vitamin D contributes to the normal function of the immune system.

Chocolate and fruit milks, which children can easily take to school, especially during feeding times, help them have a more energetic and enjoyable school day. You can enjoy the comfort of consuming a healthy drink by choosing one of the İçim milk options suitable for your diet.

You can safely drink chocolate and fruit milk, which is an excellent source of protein and vitamin D, to contribute to the growth of children. Banana and strawberry flavored milks, which support digestion, manage to attract children with their colors.

İçim combines sweet strawberries with fresh milk, İçim chocolate and fruit milks, which do not contain any additional preservatives, so that everyone can drink milk safely and with pleasure; It brings a new interpretation to plain milk with its chocolate, banana, strawberry and lactose-free options.

You can store fruit milks, which should be consumed after the package is opened, in a cool environment. If you keep it in very hot places, its taste may deteriorate.

İçim quality, carrying all its details and freshness in its packages, offers vitamin and mineral-rich chocolate and flavored milk options that you can safely consume at any time of the day.

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