İçim Vitamin D Milk

İçim Vitamin D Milk combines the delicious taste of İçim milk with vitamin D and contributes to meeting the daily vitamin D requirement.

All types of İçim milk are offered for sale after natural milk collected from all over Turkey is purified from harmful microorganisms using the most appropriate technologies. Packaging its fresh and healthy milk without using additives, İçim brings vitamin D, which protects the immune system, to your tables with its Vitamin D milk.

What is İçim Vitamin D Milk?

İçim milk varieties contain many beneficial proteins, vitamins and minerals. These nutrients, which are extremely beneficial for the body, contribute to the realization of vital functions by participating in the structure of bones and muscles. İçim Süt has been using natural and fresh milk for many years and has been introducing delicious milk varieties with high protein and vitamin D to the market. A quality meal can be prepared with İçim milk varieties, which are effective in meeting daily energy needs. The nutritional values of drinking milk varieties, which are consumed fondly by consumers of all age groups, are quite high. Vitamin D milk, one of these milk types, has a protective effect on the immune system with the vitamin D it contains. Vitamin D milk varieties produced untouched under hygienic conditions are packaged with UHT technology. UHT technology ensures that milk stays fresh for a long time and can be stored at room temperature.

İçim Milk with High Vitamin D

İçim Vitamin D Milk, which combines the quality of İçim milk with the immune-protective feature of vitamin D, attracts attention with its content. Vitamin D milk, which does not contain any additives, is an extremely light flavor since it is semi-fat. Each 100 ml of İçim Vitamin D Milk contains 120 milligrams of calcium, 1.5 µg of vitamin D and 3 grams of protein. You can consume İçim Vitamin D Milk at any time of the day for breakfast, snacks to get energy before starting the day, or before going to sleep to have a comfortable sleep experience. You can use vitamin D milk, a new member of the İçim milk family, in every recipe where you use İçim milk varieties. Thanks to the vitamin D in milk, you can support your and your loved ones’ immune system and prepare healthy and delicious meals. While you can consume vitamin D milk by drinking it alone, you can also add flavor to your food with products such as muesli and corn flakes. You can make your children love milk and contribute to the protection of their immune systems by preparing recipes with fruits, oats, honey, cocoa and corn flakes.

Benefits of İçim Milk with Vitamin D

İçim vitamin D milk combines the classic İçim milk flavor with vitamin D, contributing to daily vitamin D intake. Taking a certain amount of vitamin D every day is very beneficial for the whole body, especially the immune system. A strong immune system protects the body against various diseases. A strong immune system also contributes to the smooth functioning of body functions. İçim’s vitamin D milk varieties, which draw attention with their immune system protective properties, provide 75% of the daily vitamin D requirement in each glass (250 ml). Vitamin D, which is also effective in absorbing the calcium in milk and using it in the bones, is ideal for a pleasant start to the day. Vitamin D, which is important in the development of bones and muscles, is a type of vitamin that your children can safely consume. It is recommended that İçim vitamin D milk varieties be consumed as soon as possible after opening their packages to avoid any deterioration in their freshness. UHT milk should be consumed before its expiration date. The expiration dates of milk are stated on the package. By consuming vitamin D milk, one of the delicious milks of the İçim Milk family, you can meet your daily vitamin D needs and give it to your loved ones with peace of mind.

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